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Try our 30 days trial so you can check out all the features that we offer, no contracts or credit card required.

Main Features

These are some of CreamySEO's Great Features. Explore the possibilities...

Keyword ranking Reports

The frequency of the e-mail reports can be adjusted.

Let you know about the campaign status in your mail Inbox.

Ranking reports are also available in graphical format.

Reports showing the ranking status of the keywords are e-mailed daily.

Powerful rank tracker

In CreamySEO campaigns are sorted efficiently.

Adding, editing and deleting of campaigns can be done easily.

Daily ranking updates are available on this rank tracker.

Campaign reports are available in pdf and excel format and can be easily downloadable.

Quick overview of keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Keywords ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing are available.

Daily, weekly and monthly changes in ranking according to google, yahoo and bing are shown.

Adjust the SEO strategies according to the search engine ranking.

Ranking of keywords up to 1000 positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing are given.

Instant overview of Social Signals

Know the exact number of social signals on each URL.

Full and accurate reports of social signals are available in pdf, excel and graphical format.

Plan a social campaign with our Social Signal graph tool.

Social signals are evaluated using top social networking sites such as on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google +, Reddit & Stumble upon.

Extra Features

Graphical representation of keyword ranking.

Excel report sheets.

PDF report sheets.

The print format of these charts is easily accessible.


Our Process

Its easy to use CreamySEO for Rank tracking, this is how the process flows.

  • Registration

  • Add Campaign

  • Enter Keyword

  • Track your Rank

  • Generate your Report


Take a taste of our latest projects. We are proud of bringing this magic to life!

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Automatic, Intelligent, Powerful, Simple & Easy to Use, yet The Best Rank Tracker Online!

Our Prices

We offer great plans. Find the one that suits your needs.


$ 00 /month

1 Campaigns

1 Users

20 Keywords

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$ 799.99 /month

1500 Campaigns

Unlimited Users

30,000 Keywords


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the top frequently asked questions.


What is CreamySEO ?

on-line website ranking tool to get accurate keyword ranking and tracking results in an easy way which helps to identify the keywords making your web pages to rank and allows you to track your multiple keyword rankings across Google, Yahoo and Bing.


What can I know from CreamySEO ?

Track keywords to save time and improve your rankings. Know the position of your website. To organize keywords that are specified through the keyword tool.


What are the advantages/pros of CreamySEO ?

Quick and efficient rank tracker. Simply hide the features or information from view which is not needed. Very easy to use and you can view your keywords? rankings in one simple glance. Shows you the BEST keywords to optimize your site for.


What are the plans in CreamySEO ?

You can choose from the starter membership at $9.99 for 100 keywords, all the way up to $799.99 for 30,000 keywords.


What is a Campaign in CreamySEO ?

A campaign can be a SERP campaign or a Video Campaign where you can have a number of keywords to be tracked.


Which videos I can track in the search engines ?

Currently you can track Video rankings on the following leading Video/Tube sites. Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Metacafe. Others will be also considered and added in the near future if needed.


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