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Impact Of SEO on Business

Impact of
on Business
Why You Need SEO?
There are
100 billion searches
per month on Google
that's 33 million a day.
of consumers use
search engines
for purchase decisions.
of business
purchase decisions
are started with a
search engine.
Of the
30 billion mobile
searches a year,
12 billion are local.
Leads from search engines
are 8.5 times more likely to
close than a standard
outbound lead.
SEO leads have a 14.6%
close rate,
while those
archaic print or direct mail
ads only close at a 1.7% rate.
of mobile search happens
at work or home even
though a computer may
be accessible.
of mobile web users are
unlikely to return to a
website they had trouble
accessing from their phone
and even more are unlikely
to recommend the site
of users never click
past the first page
of the organic
search clicks go
to the first link
of users click on
organic results
of purchase-related conversions
occur within 1 hour of the initial
mobile search
Measuring SEO Impact
Page Rank
Monthly Site Visits
Page Views
Average Time
Spent on the Site
Inbound Links
Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid
Main focus on link
Non-crawlable website
Ignoring meta data
Optimising for
keywords based on
wrong indicators
Doing SEO without
professional help and
never get it done
Ignoring Google
Using forbidden
How Creamy SEO Can Help?
Keyword ranking Reports
The frequency of
the e-mail reports
can be adjusted
Ranking reports are
also available in
graphical format
Let you know about
the campaign status
in your mail Inbox
Reports showing the
ranking status of the
keywords are
e-mailed daily
Powerful rank tracker
In CreamySEO
campaigns are
sorted efficiently.
Daily ranking
updates are
available on this
rank tracker.
Adding, editing and
deleting of campaigns
can be done easily
Campaign reports are
available in pdf and
excel format and can be
easily downloadable.
Quick overview of keywords in
Google, Yahoo and Bing
Keywords ranking on
Google, Yahoo and
Bing are available
Daily, weekly and monthly
changes in ranking
according to Google, Yahoo
and Bing are shown
Adjust the SEO strategies
according to the search
engine ranking
Ranking of keywords up to
1000 positions in Google,
Yahoo and Bing are given
Instant overview of
Social Signals
Know the exact
number of social
signals on each URL.
Full and accurate reports of
social signals are available in
PDF, excel and graphical format
Plan a social campaign
with our Social Signal
graph tool
Social signals are evaluated using
top social networking sites such as
on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin,
Google +, Reddit & Stumble upon.